Oracal 631, Oracal 651 & HTV! What is it?

Alright everyone, let’s talk basics. Some of you may already know the difference and some of you may not and that is why I want to touch on this topic. This is good information to know for anyone who has just started or people who haven’t even got a machine yet.

Oracal 631 – let’s call this “indoor vinyl”. Don’t let that name deceive you, because it can be used outside too however it would only last about a year. Indoor it will last around 10 years. Oracal 631 is ideal for walls because it can be removed easily without any damage. If you make a decal and want to remove it or replace it with a new decal often I would also use 631.

Oracal 651 – this well call “outdoor vinyl”. This is very durable vinyl it can withstand all outdoor elements, from the heat of the deep south to the frigid Canadian winters. Keeping the elements in mind this vinyl can last up to 5+ years outside, and 10+ years indoors. I would not recommend this vinyl for wall decals or anything that you would want removed because it will leave a residue or even worse – damage. 651 is also great for outdoor signs, and things like tumblers that you would hand wash.

HTV – Heat Transfer Vinyl – So…. this is exactly as it sounds. You need heat to transfer this vinyl to whatever you want to put it on. T-Shirts, hats, socks, bags, basically anything your heart could desire. In my personal opinion, this is the easiest of all to weed. It comes with a protective backing for heating however a Teflon heat press sheet is recommended. Ideally you would use a heat press to transfer it to whatever item you are putting it on, however an iron will also work.

Amy M.

10 thoughts on “Oracal 631, Oracal 651 & HTV! What is it?”

  1. Very clear explanation of the difference in these vinyls. I do agree that HTV is the easiest to weed. I like your website and the fact that y’all will make it easier for us to find information. I will be back frequently to see what y’all have posted. Even though I have been Cricuting for a while, I still have questions from time to time and appreciate having input from others who have already accomplished what I want to try.

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  2. Omgggggg!!! Thank you! I’ve always seen people use 631 and 651 and had no clue whatsoever! Now it makes so much sense! I’m loving the site and I’m excited to learn more!


  3. Glad I found your facebook page and it brought me here. I have been confused of what the different types of vinyl are for and this really cleared it up! Thank you!


  4. Thank you! I have just received my Cricut in the mail. I had no idea what these things were that I saw folks talking about online! That clears things up a bunch!


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