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Hi Everyone! If you’re anything like me, fonts quickly become an addiction, especially when you can customize anything under the sun! Having the right font is important and can make or break a project. When you’re just starting out in the world of crafting with your Cricut and all the capabilities can feel VERY overwhelming. Well, we’re going to take away one stress so you can spend less time frustrated and more time creating!

How to Download and Install Font Files

For today, we are going to be using The Hungry Jpeg for our example. To follow along with this tutorial, go to their site in a New Tab!


Go to the website and locate the Freebies button to locate AMAZING free fonts and design elements. It will be located on the top bar of the page. 

Once you’ve located a font you like, click on the image to take you to the page for purchase/download.  Be sure to note the price, if any, and keep that in mind before downloading.


Click the font image to jump to the download/purchase page!

For this tutorial, I’m going to use Mona for our font download and install. (It’s seriously adorable. Download here ) Once you click on the image, it will jump you to the font’s description page, where you can find information for licensing (if any) purchase price and examples of it used.



Now that you’ve fallen in love with your new font baby, select the DOWNLOAD button. If you do not have an account with them, sign up! They offer free weekly fonts with commercial licenses and some of the prettiest bundles at a great price! 

download location showing them where

After downloading, the file will go to your DOWNLOADS folder (Windows). If using Google Chrome, the download will appear in your bottom toolbar to show it’s progress. Once it’s done, click on the ^ arrow and select: View in Folder (if you want to see exactly where the .zip file is going) or OPEN and it will open your files manager on your PC. This is where many get hung up. All font files are going to download as .ZIP folders, to compress the contents for easy download. If you open from the toolbar on the bottom of Google, it should Open the .zip folder, allowing you to view the contents. If it doesn’t,  you will have to unzip the files using Winzip, windows explorer, or the Extract All function at the top.


Once you extract/open the .zip file, these options will appear. Not every font will come with these EXACT files, but the main file type you are looking for is the Mona-Free.OTF. TTF files are also a font file and can be installed to your computer. usually, the only difference in the two is file size while comes in handy if you want to save space (for more fonts, of course!) Double click on the font file that says Mona – Free open type font file. 
showing font file


After double clicking, OR  right clicking and selecting “Install”, this box will appear.
Click the Install button and your computer will do the rest!
install screen


Congratulations! You just successfully installed a font! Look at you go! Now, all you have to do is control yourself from downloading all the fonts you come across and you’ll be golden!

The important bit

To use all downloaded fonts in Design Space – If you are in Design Space, save all work and exit the page and close your Web Browser. Give it  beat, and then reopen your web browser and go to Design Space. GO to your Canvas, Add text and type a simple tester word or phrase. 

tri coastal sample text example

Now, click off the design to lock it in, and re-select to be able to alter the text. Select System fonts to display all the fonts you have installed on your PC. Give it a second to load, then scroll down to see all your fonts, special characters, etc.

system font example

Now have fun trying to pick the best one and don’t let your eyes glaze over from all the awesome fonts you have downloaded! Soon, the hardest part will be choosing which one!

Be sure to follow this blog to stay on top of all the latest tips, tricks and tutorials Tri-Coastal Crafting has in store! Next post will feature how to use special characters for these awesome fonts you download!

Note: I am not personally responsible for the subsequent font addiction you will develop after reading the post and successfully download awesome fonts =).

Amy R






12 thoughts on “How to Download Fonts

  1. Sharon Rumsey' says:

    Thank you for this!!!


    1. You’re so very welcome! Thanks for coming by! We look forward to helping much more in the near future! 🙂


  2. Helen M Allen says:

    Thanks! You explained it all so clearly. There are not going to be enough hours in the day now that I know how easy it is to download fonts.


  3. Donna says:

    Looking forward to learning more from you.


  4. Judi Roth says:

    Your directions are SO WELL written !!


  5. Tonya M Berry says:

    I found your page & you have so many interesting items on it. Thank you


  6. Martha Carroll says:

    Thank you for adding me. I can not wait to start.


  7. Rita says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I have tried to download before and found it a bit difficult, but you have simplified it for me. Again, a big thank you!


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