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I know a lot of you already have machines however some of you don’t. This will be a great post for anyone who hasn’t purchased a machine or is looking to upgrade. We are going to go over 4 different Cricut machines and the differences between them.

When I start to describe these machines, you will notice a lot of similarities however you will also notice a few small differences as well.

The Cricut Explore One:

The Cricut Explore One has a Smart Set Dial it can be found on thecricut-explore-smart-set-dial top right of the machine. The Smart Set Dial is a dial with the type of vinyl, paper or fabric you want to cut. It’s very easy to read and understand. You can choose settings such as Paper, Vinyl, Iron-On (HTV), Cardstock and many more.

The Explore One does not offer Bluetooth however you can purchase an adapter. It only has a single tool holder as well, meaning that if you want the machine to write and then cut you will have to remove the blade and replace it with a pen.

Software for the Explore One is available on PC, Mac and iSO and you have the availability to upload your own images free of charge. You can also buy Cricut Cartridges with endless opportunities for images and fonts.

The Explore One comes in five colors: Grey, Coral, Navy Bloom, Pink Poppy and Blue.

The Cricut Explore Air:

cricut-explore-pen-and-blade-housingThe Cricut Explore Air is my machine of choice, it was the machine I began with, I did try another machine however I came back to the Air.

There are only 2 major differences with the Air and the Explore One. The first difference is that you have 2 tool holders as seen in the picture to the right. This means that you can cut and write without having to fumble while changing from one to the other.

The only other difference is it is already equipped with Bluetooth . For me personally this makes a large difference, because I can freely use my laptop without extra cords all over the place or my iPhone without having to buy the Bluetooth adapter.

The Explore Air comes in four colors: Blue, Teal, Gold and Wild Orchid.

The Cricut Explore Air 2: 

This was the second machine I purchased, however as stated above I did go back to the Air. I love the Air and the Air 2, however for me the difference was minimal.

You will find two small differences in the Air and the Air 2. The first is that the Air 2 has the capability to cut at 2 times the speed of the Air. The fast mode on the Air2 is only available with the Vinyl, Iron-On (HTV) and Cardstock settings.

The only other difference between the Air and the Air 2 is the color options and they are: Mint, Blue, Rose, Anna Griffin and Lilac.

The Cricut Maker:

The Cricut Maker is the brand new machine, it just came out in August of 2017. This has all the bells and whistles anyone could ever want. Personally I love how this machine looks. It is very sleek and stylish. It currently only comes in the color pictured below.

Cricut Maker Machine

The first thing you will notice is that the maker does not have the Smart Set dial. Not a huge loss because you can still chose the medium you will be cutting. The Maker also will not take Cricut Cartridges at the moment however they are expecting to have a adapter by the end of 2017 if this is something that interests you.

The major differences are that the Maker has a rotary blade to make cutting fabric a breeze and a knife blade to cut even thicker materials. With the Explore One, Air and Air2 we had hundreds of options and with the Maker they opened up so many more possibilities.

Although I do love my Air and I have been loyal to my Air, I have been seriously contemplating upgrading to the Maker for the last month. You’ll notice that the Air2 and the Maker have links directly to the Cricut site so you can check out all the products they have to offer you.

Please leave a comment if you would like any further information or if you have any suggestions on posts you would like to see here.

Thanks again all!


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