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I’ve decided to make a list of the Admin’s favorite things in the world of crafting everyone will have different preferences and these are ours! The following are affiliate links.

71wwvYsH-4L._SX466_Have you guys ever struggled with getting the right transfer tape? Sometime the brand name stuff is just TOO sticky, and sometimes the dollar brand just isn’t sticky enough? I myself favor the transfer tape from Craftopia. The price is currently at $19.95 and if you are a Prime member you get shipping for free. This for me is the ideal stickiness for all of my projects from Glitter Vinyl to 651 and so on! Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

Dental Tools… yes, I said dental tools! Why you ask? Because they are amazing for weeding! The brand name tools work well, personally they are a little bulky for me. My husband went out and got me dental tools and I looked at him like a crazy man. Every time I weed now I turn to him and thank him a hundred times over. This set runs for $4.75 and for that price you simply can’t go wrong.
51hzpBXW6BL Whether you are starting out, or need to stock up this bundle of 651 is perfect for anyone! Oracal is always the brand name I would recommend for vinyl, simply put it is the best quality out there. In this bundle you get 63 assorted colors for $27.80 that works out to about .44c each sheet! Talk about a steal! Remember that 651 is ideal for long term or outdoor use and if you have an questions reference our post about the different types of vinyl!

81BRmFxZuML._SL1500_The final thing I will add to this list is a MUST HAVE for anyone! I was about 6 months into my adventure with all of this before I purchased a light pad, and when I did it was like this terrible fear of weeding turned into a pleasure. This is the exact light box I purchased from Amazon. It is currently priced at $26.97 and is worth every penny! I used to balance a flashlight over my Cricut and hope it wouldn’t roll around of move halfway through weeding, and now I don’t have to worry about that silliness anymore!

These are just a few of the admin’s favorite things, and we hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments let us know! Did we miss anything that you absolutely love? Let us know, maybe we will test it out and add it to the next list of Admin’s Favorite Thing’s!

Until next time!


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