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With so many brands and styles of heat presses which one do you choose!? Purchasing a heat press is a huge investment and you’re really going to get what you pay for. Low quality heat presses can produce uneven heat and pressure application. Investing in a good quality heat press will reduce times, costs and frustrations!

Two Main Types of Heat Presses:
• Swing Away
• Clam Shell

What is a Swing Away heat press?

This style of heat press has a heated top platen that swings to the side and away from the bottom platen.

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Pros of a Swing Away heat press:

• The top platen swings completely away from the bottom platen (often 360 degrees) which allows you to easily work with multi-layered pieces and gives you easy access to adjust your garment.

• Will easily press thicker items and has the ability to press different types of materials with ease.

• You get access to the bottom platen without the risk of burning your hands or knuckles.

Cons of a Swing Away heat press:

• Takes up the most space. You will have to allow for space for the heat press and for the plate to swing away.

What is a Clam Shell heat press?

A Clam Shell heat press has a top and bottom platen that open and close like a jaw or like -you probably guessed it- a clamshell.

For Amazon’s space efficient Clam Shell style heat press Click here

Pros of a Clam Shell heat press:

• They take up the least amount of space. The top platen moves up and down where as a Swing Aways top platen moves side to side.

• They are simply made and have less of a potential for problems arising and are easier to learn how to use.

Cons of a Clam Shell heat press:

• The top heat platen is directly above the bottom platen. This gives you less space to lay out your garment and design. You also have to be careful not to burn your knuckles!

So Which One do you Choose??

Things to take into consideration are how much space do you have to properly use and store your press? You also want to think about how clumsy you are (especially when considering getting a Clam Shell press!). Take into consideration others reviews. There are a lot of package deals so if you are wanting to press garments such as hats, mugs, plates you may want to get a heat press with attachments such as the one pictured below.

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Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “Heat Press Break-Downs and Recommendations

  1. Nice article and I would like to get one for Christmas but the links don’t work.


  2. Jena Wiley says:

    Thank you for sharing this article! I was looking at a heat press this morning and was considering one you mentioned above. It’s always great to know you’re buying a quality product and I appreciate the help! 🙂


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