Tri-Coastal Crafting

Lets Craft!

TheHungryJpeg is out to get ALL MY MONEY TODAY!! I’m too flippin excited for this one, I’m about to go broke! Don’t tell my husband! TheHungryJpeg is offering 50% off ALL THE BUNDLES THEY HAVE! I’m sorry for yelling but this is an amazing deal!!

They currently have 8 bundles you can choose from, all 50% off! If you put all 8 in your shopping cart the price will be $137.00 but with the 50% off deal you can get all 8 bundles for only $68.50!! I would know because.. I did……. the math…… yes.. I did the math! I didn’t purchase them all I swear!!

This is countless fonts and countless SVG’s if you buy them all, and don’t worry you don’t have to buy them all I totally understand if you all don’t have the same bundle addiction that I do!


This is just 3 of the bundles they are offering right now, but you can go ahead and click on any of the images to check out all the bundles they are offering! Don’t forget to use the code BUNDLESXL to get the oh so generous 50% off!!



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