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‘Tis the season for the most amazing font you’ve ever seen. Everyone, and I mean everyone loves the Samantha Font, and the ONLY place you should buy it is MightyDeals!


When you go to purchase this font you will notice there are 4 options. Samantha Upright Pro, Samantha Italic Pro, Complete Samantha Script Family Desktop Fonts and finally Complete Samantha Script Family Desktop + Web Fonts. If you will be working in Design Space with this font you will ONLY need the Samantha Upright Pro at $17.00. Check the image below.


You may be asking yourself why you only need the Upright Pro and the reason is because if you want Italics or Bold or anything different for that matter it can be done directly in Design Space. The same goes if you are working in Word.


The font also comes with 45 “catchwords” and 60 “ornaments”.


If you want to use any of the beautiful special font characters make sure to watch out YouTube Video – How to find Special Font Characters.

Click any of the images in this post to be directed to the MightyDeals page (our affiliate) and simply search “Samantha”.

-Amy M.


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